A World Apart…

Hi everyone,
Just a note to let you know we are still thinking of you, but wouldn’t swap places for one minute.
This is a fantastic adventure. We have had more fun in the past five days than in so many years.
It’s a world apart, with frogs and lizards running round the bathroom (at least we’ve got one) to
dishing up fish and chips to the ‘locals’ (aborigines), there hasn’t been a dull moment.
Marg and I are (very quickly) learning how to run the shop where the locals come for fast food and groceries. We have reached an understanding: they laugh at us and we scratch our heads at them. No cars are registered here (they couldn’t be, they’re so battered). They all spend their cash as soon as they get it, as the rellies will grab it if they don’t. Food prices are double those in Melbourne. But they are lovely, simple people; as the police say, it’s like handling children. The down side is they just steal something if they can’t get it legally, so all our buildings have to be locked and barred to keep anything.
The heat hasn’t been a problem but it’s shorts and thongs all the time and the regular lightning show happens at least once each night with its torrential downpours. At least, getting drenched up here is refreshing so nobody cares.
This is just a trial message to test out the internet link. I will try to send some pics at the weekend.
Best wishes and God’s blessings,
Dave and Marg

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