Every Day an Adventure

Hi everyone,
Nothing spectacular from Kalumburu today. We have a weekend off as new heavy duty security grilles are being fitted to the front of the shop and there is no barge coming in this weekend.
The  weather here is no worse than we have experienced in Melbourne despite reports of storms and cyclones in the area.
Many thanks to those who responded to our previous emails. Don’t feel you have to respond and please don’t feel rejected if we do not respond to your responses. We do appreciate them but cannot respond to everyone individually as the internet facilities are not all that brilliant. Although we can now receive quite well by sitting in Marg’s bedroom with a pair of rabbits ears hanging in front of the window to increase the signal. At least now we don’t get eaten alive by mozzies and midges while trying to connect outside.Cartoon
Gradually the locals appear to be accepting us so we can be a bit more familiar in interacting with them.
One of the differences of their culture is that it is regarded as rude to look someone in the eye. It is quite a bit of fun, in the shop, to try to find out what they are wanting without looking at them, particularly as they won’t look at the item they are wanting to buy but frequently are looking in the opposite direction. It’s all great fun, particularly as they have a distinct accent, as English is their second language; P’ela is their first.
This morning I had to chuck three young boys out of the shop for pinching stuff. That too is part of the game. They’ll be back next week. Often, kids like that have no home but live with whoever will take them in. If that’s nobody then they have to fend for themselves and resort to stealing to eat. However, there are other ways of getting food from the Mission than stealing it.
Every day is an adventure here.
Best regards and God’s blessings
Dave and Marg

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