So What Are We Actually Doing?

I rise before 5 am each day and mum about 6 am and we are on the job at 6.30am. We serve to-do-listcustomers until 11.30 am, have a rest until 1.30 pm when we return to the shop and serve until 4.30 pm. We then rest until Mass at 5.30 pm, combined dinner at 6.30 pm, home at 7.30 pm and go to bed at 8.30pm ready for the next day. Most of Saturday is spent cleaning the house and church and helping with odd jobs round the Mission. Every second Sunday the barge comes in so we are involved in moving produce into the stores and freezers. The other Sundays we are free for the day and there is ‘endless’ four wheel driving to be done but there is always competition for the Mission vehilcles. You would not wnat to try the locals’ vehicles as most of them are wrecks.


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