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Helpers Galore!

Things are going well here with four new volunteers arriving so now there are thirteen of us and more due Thinking big thingsnext week. Mum is temporarily head of the shop until the new vollies get their head around it.
My maintenance team is getting bigger by the day. We are even looking at the bigger jobs which have been on hold for months.
The wet season appears to have gone and the weather is cooler and less humid – all enjoying that. Just waiting for the road to be declared open. (huge fines if you travel on roads while still declared closed – like $1000 per wheel for first offence).
Mum and I are cooking dinner for the mob tonight so must go and  catch the croc.

Love and God’s blessings to all,


Scaly Neighbours Drop In (or Droppings?)

Things up here keep changing. One of our really useful volunteers, Brenda, left on Tuesday and a Brittish couple about our age arrived, fresh from the Swiss alps.
We did a great 4WD trip with Fr Nick last Sunday with plenty of rough stuff. The only trouble with this place is the croc’s, as you can’t swim on beautiful hot days and beautiful deserted beaches – like last Sunday. I haven’t seen one yet so I wonder if they are just a big hoax.Gecko
Attached are a couple of pics of our fellow inhabitants. The little goanna invaded our toilet around lunch time a couple of days and the little gecko is typical of dozens which dart around all the buildings all the time. That one was on the kitchen window. They chirp like a bird and leave their droppings everywhere.
Love to all and God’s blessings

Dad and MumGoanna

Surviving Holy Week

Finally, on Easter Sunday afternoon, we get to rest after all the ceremonies. Our priest needs lots of help and support to make sure they happen, even in simplified form, so we have been flat out the whole weekend. Even today, after 8am Mass we held the traditional Easter egg hunt and games for the community along with stew and rice breakfast and frozen cups of fizzie drink, which they buy to make up the ‘parish’s’ contribution to Project Compassion. Sounds like we might have made about $1500 out of that. Easter raffle

Above pic shows Fr Nicholas, in the red shirt, drawing the raffle with the usual gaggle of kids.
During this week I will try to put together more images of life here.
Off now to see the locals’ fishing competition up at the barge landing ramp on the coast.
Lots of love to all and Easter blessings

from Mum and Dad.

Volumes of Volunteers & Fishy Fridays

We hope your Easter was satisfying and the family gathering not too inclement. Sometimes we think we would like to be home but the weather reports from Melb aren’t too enticing. It’s too easy to live up here. More volunteers
We have yet another two volunteers arriving here next week. The boss doesn’t know what to do with them. As the weather is continuing dry and cooler we are getting ready for the rush of tourists in another month or so. Most of my work now is in the camp ground and accommodation units (like Baanya Biami). Mum is still in the shop but not as manager (which pleases her greatly) and there are plenty of staff there, so it’s a real picnic now.

Handing out fish
Above is pic of current group of volunteers and handing out fish after Stations of the Cross on Good Friday. This is to encourage the locals not to eat meat for dinner that night.
As we have a public holiday again tomorrow, I may be able to make some headway on the DVD of our adventure here.
With our love to you all and God’s blessings in this wonderful season,

Dad and Mum