Volumes of Volunteers & Fishy Fridays

We hope your Easter was satisfying and the family gathering not too inclement. Sometimes we think we would like to be home but the weather reports from Melb aren’t too enticing. It’s too easy to live up here. More volunteers
We have yet another two volunteers arriving here next week. The boss doesn’t know what to do with them. As the weather is continuing dry and cooler we are getting ready for the rush of tourists in another month or so. Most of my work now is in the camp ground and accommodation units (like Baanya Biami). Mum is still in the shop but not as manager (which pleases her greatly) and there are plenty of staff there, so it’s a real picnic now.

Handing out fish
Above is pic of current group of volunteers and handing out fish after Stations of the Cross on Good Friday. This is to encourage the locals not to eat meat for dinner that night.
As we have a public holiday again tomorrow, I may be able to make some headway on the DVD of our adventure here.
With our love to you all and God’s blessings in this wonderful season,

Dad and Mum

1 thought on “Volumes of Volunteers & Fishy Fridays

  1. Katie

    I really don’t know what you are talking about regarding Melbourne weather. Today is a balmy 14 degrees, the same tomorrow except some hail thrown in, and rising to an almost tropical 15 and 16 for the rest of the week!


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