This Means WAR!

The shop has gone very quiet lately as the other shop has started serving take away food and everyone is going there – price wars.
Maybe it’s just as well as our last food order did not arrive on the barge, someone at the other end forgot to process it. Anyone want a job in the outback?
More volunteers
Our manager is away at the moment with his family as one of his nine children is getting married in Broome this weekend. (When the cat is away the mice will play.) The manager is on the right in the attached pic of the current volunteers. He married an aboriginal and the son getting married is also marrying an aboriginal girl, so it will be a big aboriginal wedding – they are away for a week to get over it.
Weather is cooling down over night now. I even had to use a doona last night. We are all waiting for the road to be opened so the tourists will push up the business levels.

With our love and prayers for God’s blessings on you all.

Dave and Marg

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