Kalumburu on the First of Winter

Dear everyone,
Sorry for the delay in getting to you all but we still struggle with the limitations of internet in this remote place.
We hope all is well with you all and think of you every day. Our family is the only thing we miss in being so far away.
All is well at this end and we hope at yours too.
Mum is again manager of the shop here as the two volunteers who were supposed to do it left suddenly this week. At present we have a cooperative group of volunteers and a good boss, so life is pretty happy.
Dave is looking after maintenance of the grounds and facilities of the Mission and the camp ground – back to cleaning camp toilets.
Today the boss’s family, Marg and I 4WDd our way into a remote pool. It’s really tough here in winter and we are well into the dry season, being weeks since we have seen any rain at all.
The road is now open and the flow of tourists has started and, I guess, grog into the community, although we haven’t seen any signs of it yet.
Dave is still struggling with computer programs that won’t talk to each other and are preventing him from putting together a film of our stay here so far. Over the next week or two, he will try to put together another illustrated letter  showing the latest up here, for the blog site.

With our love and God’s blessings on you all,

Mum and Dad

1 thought on “Kalumburu on the First of Winter


    Hi Marg & Dave,
    We pray you are still enjoying life in Kalumburu. Thanks for your condolences and kind thoughts about your memories of mum. We had a great celebration of her life at funeral service & Fr. Keith also made comment of mum’s twinkling eyes! One consolation for the family was that she died peacefully and had only been bedridden for about a week. Fortunately none of family was on holidays.Some had just arrived back & others have gone away since. We have been enjoying your updates.Just telling Colin & Helen last night to go visit you on way to west coast. Presently they are in Darin in their caravan.
    Must close now. Thanks again and may God bless you
    Marg & Peter xx


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