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The Boring Bits That You’d Be Interested In

Hi everyone,

Sorry it’s been so long since I contacted you. I guess the only excuse it that we have got used to the lifestyle here and it’s not so much of a novelty any more. It takes a visitor to jog us into seeing the adventures that still happen every day:

Kids Sports Day


Such as the local school kids competing in the sports day on 15th August, the celebration of Our Lady of the Assumption, Kalumburu’s patron,Bushfire Sunset





or this recent sunset during the burning off season.

Mum with brolga






Marg, as manager of the shop, has to handle all sorts of customers. Here, Lanky the brolga, Kalumburu’s most photographed icon, is checking out the possibility of a feed.

Dad on Oraro Lookout




Dave, on nearby Oraro lookout on a beautiful August Sunday afternoon



Amenities BlockHere is the new amenities block Dave is building in the camp ground. Almost all the materials are ‘junk’ lying around after building contractors have left at completion of their jobs. Just the sort of job Dave loves. The Mission will get four new showers and toilets, including disposal systems and solar water heater for $5000 – normal cost would be $ 40 000.  No wood can be used as the termites demolish it within twelve months, except for local cypress pine, which is scarce and expensive.


Banana TreeHow would you like these growing in your backyard? It has been fascinating to watch the unrolling and development of these bananas in ours. Amazingly, they start off rolled up in the opposite direction to the shape they finish up when mature. The banana trees, with their huge leaves, are tucked in amongst the coconut palms and mango trees – all fruiting at present. Then it will be a battle between the fruit bats, the aborigines and ourselves, who gets their share of the fruit.

As I look through the mass of pics, trying to guess what you might want to see, I realise what a fantastic place Marg and I have been fortunate enough to spend a year in. Although we have both found it a challenge living in community with the other volunteers and amongst a people with such widely different values and attitudes to our own. We have learned to see some of our own deeply ingrained prejudices and that is not necessarily enjoyable. We don’t know what the future holds for us but we still intend to return to the cold south in December – to enjoy Christmas with family and friends.

With our best regards and God’s blessings to you all,

Dave and Marg                     25 Aug 14